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Multi-Dimensional Voice Program (MDVP), Model 5105
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The Multi-Dimensional Voice Program (MDVP) is the gold standard software tool for quantitative acoustic assessment of voice quality, calculating more than 22 parameters on a single vocalization.
Calculates more than 22 parameters on a single vocalization.
Normative references based on an extensive database of normal and disordered voices
Designed to be quick and easy to use
Report generator included for direct printing
Analysis-Synthesis Laboratory (ASL), Model 5104
Applied Speech Science for Dysarthrias, Model 5153
Applied Speech Science for Voice & Resonance Disorders, Model 5156
Auditory Feedback Tools, Model 3506
Disordered Voice Database, Model 4337
Voice Games, Model 5167B
Motor Speech Profile, Model 5141
Neuroscience for Human Communications,
Palatometer Database, Model 4333
Phonetic & Perception Simulation Programs, Model 5151
Phonetic Database, Model 4332
Real-Time EGG Analysis, Model 5138
Real-Time Pitch, Model 5121
Real-Time Spectrogram, Model 5129
Respiration, Phonation and Prosody Simulation, Model 5152
Signal Enhancement Program, Model 5142
Sona-Match, Model 5127
Speech Articulation: Animation of Muscle Vectors, Model 5154
Video Phonetics Program and Database, Model 5150
Voice Range Profile, Model 4326
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