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Computerized Speech Lab (CSL™), Model 4500
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The Computerized Speech Lab (CSL) is KayPENTAX‚Äôs most advanced speech analysis system with uncompromised specifications and performance. Indeed, CSL™ systems boast numerous citations in professional peer-reviewed journals (e.g., see KayPENTAX in the News at www.kaypentax.com for a partial list) for their broad range of application in analyzing speech and voice.
Leading system for speech and voice analysis
Extensive standard and optional software
24-bit sampling to 200kHz
XLR inputs
Four-channel input
Calibrated Voice Range Profile input setting
DC and AC coupling
NCVS compliance
Analysis-Synthesis Laboratory (ASL), Model 5104
Applied Speech Science for Dysarthrias, Model 5153
Applied Speech Science for Voice & Resonance Disorders, Model 5156
Auditory Feedback Tools, Model 3506
Disordered Voice Database, Model 4337
Voice Games, Model 5167B
Motor Speech Profile, Model 5141
Multi-Dimensional Voice Program, Model 5105
Neuroscience for Human Communications, Model 5155
Palatometer Database, Model 4333
Phonetic & Perception Simulation Programs, Model 5151
Phonetic Database, Model 4332
Real-Time EGG Analysis, Model 5138
Real-Time Pitch, Model 5121
Real-Time Spectrogram, Model 5129
Respiration, Phonation and Prosody Simulation, Model 5152
Signal Enhancement Program, Model 5142
Sona-Match, Model 5127
Speech Articulation: Animation of Muscle Vectors, Model 5154
Video Phonetics Program and Database, Model 5150
Voice Range Profile, Model 4326
Visi-Pitch IV, Model 3950
Multi-Speech, Model 3700
Acoustic Assessment and Speech Therapy Tools
Computer Requirements
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